IVT Secure Access

IVT Secure Access 25.2

SSH/Telnet client with auto-login, multi-session, scripting, file-transfer, etc.
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IVT Secure Access offers network administrators a secure and efficient way to emulate old VT220 terminals in a Windows environment. It provides support for Telnet (TCP/IP), serial, and NetBios sessions, while adding GSSAPI authentication for simpler login procedures, a highlight function to identify specific elements at a glance, and the possibility of controlling a large number of sessions in a single tabbed window.

This program conveniently combines a perfect VT220 Unix-like emulation with all the advantages that Windows tools can offer. Thus, it not only can connect securely to your network, but it can also provide you with a richer working environment where you can cut and paste, highlight, match and replace strings, Word to ASCII automatic conversion of specific characters, etc. Its powerful scripting language will allow you to automate various tasks that will surely save you lots of time, especially when dealing with a large number of sessions. Thus, you can automate the login and session creation processes (and forget about passwords), send data, wait for host responses, modify IVT.RC settings, etc. IVT can reduce to a few clicks the time you usually need to initialize your working environment – regardless of the number of sessions you need to open and the number of machines you have to administer, this tool can help you log in to a wide array of hosts, start programs in any of them, analyze their output, and even customize the keyboard and the messages shown on the screen easily and comfortably.

A fast and efficient file transfer through serial lines and SSH/Telnet sessions is another of the program’s main assets. Thanks to the scripts available for this task, you will be able to drag and drop files onto the IVT window and have them transferred to the corresponding session right away. Designed to help administrators to manage as many as thousands of hosts, the program offers you a useful “address book” that you can share with colleagues over the network.

Its multi-protocol support together with its multi-session capabilities will allow you to open and work with any number of Kerberized Telnet, SSH-2, RLogin, NetBios, and serial sessions all simultaneously and in a convenient tabbed Windows GUI. Add to this the possibility of typing at multiple hosts at a time thanks to its “key broadcast script”, of launching group sessions with multiple hosts in any of the session types supported, its integration with Pageant, its auto-login capabilities and its password encryption, or its excellent VT220 emulation accuracy and you will understand why IVT has become one of the most widely used VT220 emulators in the market. To sum up, think of IVT Secure Access as a PuTTY emulator taken to the next level.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Goes beyond PuTTY's functionality
  • Saves your sessions to a log file
  • Supports SSH and Kerberos V5 authentication and encyption
  • Accurate VT220 terminal emulation
  • Allows you to highlight specific elements
  • Fast and simple file transfer processes


  • None
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